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Connecting highly skilled maritime talent with specialist shipbuilders

Bringing shipbuilders and shipbuilding talent together

Welcome to Marine People, where talent meets the tide. As a premium international shipbuilding recruitment agency, we take pride in connecting skilled professionals with the dynamic and ever-evolving maritime world. Our mission is clear: to build exceptional teams that shape the future of maritime innovation.

We understand that the success of any project lies in the hands of skilled, dedicated individuals, and our purpose is to bring those individuals together.

Founded with a commitment to maritime excellence, Marine People has emerged as a trusted partner in the shipbuilding industry.

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Ready for your next career step? We make the transition smooth and rewarding. Marine People helps you find the perfect job and supports your ongoing career growth.
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Simplify talent acquisition with our expertise and tailored approach. We help you build high-performing teams in the competitive maritime industry.

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Hybrid Working within Shipbuilding: Adapting to Change

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