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Recruiting for The Five Eyes.

Your trusted partner for Five Eyes shipbuilding recruitment. We understand the unique security and skill demands of these projects.

An Introduction to
the Five Eyes.

The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance comprising the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These nations collaborate closely on matters of global security, including the development and construction of advanced naval vessels.

Shipbuilding projects within the Five Eyes often involve sensitive technologies, classified information, and stringent security requirements. Recruitment for these projects demands specialised expertise, ensuring only individuals with the appropriate clearances and backgrounds are placed in these critical roles.

Our Proven Track Record in Five Eyes Recruitment

Marine People holds a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with shipbuilding recruitment within the Five Eyes. We possess a robust network of pre-vetted professionals who possess the necessary clearances and experience to contribute to these highly sensitive projects. Our meticulous process ensures that only the most qualified and trustworthy candidates are presented to our clients.

We recognise that security is paramount in Five Eyes shipbuilding projects. Our thorough vetting procedures go beyond simply verifying clearances. We carefully assess each candidate’s background, qualifications, and professional history to guarantee their suitability for these sensitive environments.

Simplify Your Search for Cleared Talent

Your pathway to top shipbuilding talent within the Five Eyes alliance. We specialise in secure, compliant recruitment for sensitive projects.

Extensive Talent Pool

Access to a vast database of shipbuilding professionals specifically suited to Five Eyes projects.

Thorough Vetting

Thorough screening processes to match candidates with security requirements and project specifications.


Commitment to the highest standards of discretion in handling sensitive projects and information.

Cultural Sensitivity

Understanding of the nuances and collaborative nature of working within the Five Eyes alliance.

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