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As a business involved in the recruitment and retention of staff, we believe that it is fundamental that we recognise and support the importance and value of professional development.  The fact that we are partnered with the leading maritime institution, IMarEST, further demonstrates our commitment.  IMarEST is the international professional body and learned society for all marine professionals.

We passionately believe that professional development is for everyone.  Whether you are a student, just starting your career, an experienced professional or just someone who has an interest in marine, science or technology, professional membership will provide value.  We are personally involved in championing the increase of EngTech registrations (a globally recognised level of professional registration for engineering technicians), to extend professional development across a much wider workforce.

Becoming a member of a professional institution, or gaining chartered status, is hugely valued by employers.  It demonstrates an individuals level of commitment, professionalism and competence in their chosen profession.  For the individual it provides support, knowledge, development and the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised qualification.  It also provides improved career prospects and employability, and a higher earning potential.

It is widely accepted that professional development has a positive effect on maritime, and is an efficient way of developing knowledge within organisations.  Both IPD and CPD are a key factor in maintaining knowledgeable staff, which is directly linked to increased professionalism of the industry and staff retention.  A key reason that engineers move roles is for career development, so supporting them in their own professional development builds engagement and loyalty.

Although both employers and employees believe that professional development is valued and important, there is still a huge gap between the number of engineers working within maritime, and those registered with a professional institution.  A greater effort clearly needs to be made to develop a value proposition that maritime businesses and engineers understand, correlating the direct link between staff development, engagement, retention and increased revenue.

So, here’s where we can help.  We will be offering all our placed candidates a complimentary year’s affiliate membership with IMarEST.  Membership will provide our candidates, and in turn clients, with a range of benefits and services designed to support personal professional development, raise their profile, provide them with access to relevant information and tools, and connect them with other members around the world.

Aside from the benefit of professional development to both employee and employer, an increase in professional development will also have a positive impact on the industry.  An industry that currently isn’t attracting enough early career professionals, has a disproportionate number of engineers reaching retirement age, and one in which women are still hugely underrepresented.  We need to continually evolve to meet the engineering needs of tomorrow, and professional development has a huge role to play.  The importance of self-regulation through professional review alone, is demonstrated in the positive promotion of the industry as a professional career opportunity.

Professional development is considered valuable by both employers and employees, and an increase in registered engineers can only have a positive impact on the maritime industry.  Increasing the professionalism, knowledge, employee engagement and attractiveness of the sector to future engineers, will directly benefit our engineers, employers and the wider industry.  We are proud to be able to support.