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How to ace your first engineering interview

You’ve got your qualifications and now you’re ready to enter the world of employment as an engineer- but how do you make sure you knock that first interview out of the park? We’ve got some tips for fledgling engineers.


As the adage goes – fail to prepare and you are preparing to fail – and that couldn’t be truer for new engineers. Make sure you do your research on the company and its directors, making note of those who would be working closely with the role you’re applying for.

Bringing resources to an interview can also help you land the role, taking extra copies of CV’s and references is an excellent way to show your potential employer you can plan ahead.

At Marine People, our consultants provide mentoring and support for our candidates, to help make you feel extra confident for that big interview.



This one is relevant to almost any interview or meeting, your manners and appearance are without doubt one of the most important things recruiters take note of when interviewing.

·     Look the part – Candidates who lack personal hygiene and don’t dress to impress often fail an interview before it’s begun – so tuck in that shirt!

·     Speak with a smile – Your body language helps you get your points across, so even if you’re nervous, make sure you smile, shake hands and make eye contact. Even if your interview is via phone or Skype, your body language is vitally important.


Know what you’re good at!

·     Don’t sweat the small stuff. There’s a reason the hiring manager gave you an interview – re-read your CV and try to think of the sections a recruiter might be interested in.

·     Don’t panic. If there’s a question you don’t know the answer to, be honest. For a graduate or entry-level role, companies aren’t looking for the finished article, show the recruiter you’re willing to learn.


If you’re having trouble getting an interview, have a look at our six DO’s when writing a winning CV.