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Why the defence industry might just be the perfect fit for you

With new Defence projects increasing rapidly, now could be the perfect time for you to forge a career in a dynamic and fast-moving industry. 

With the growth of opportunities in the sector comes the inevitable shortfall of talent required to fill the many new roles that are being created. This leads to the need for employers to diversify their workforces, finding versatile STEM workers with transferable skills from other industries. 

In Australia, the government has invested heavily in shipbuilding education their Naval Shipbuilding College initiative in Adelaide, part of $90 billion worth of funding for the continuous shipbuilding program (programme). 

Particularly in Australia, there has been an emphasis on transferable skills from the Automotive and Aerospace sectors to help plug the workforce gap. 

Tips for transferring to Defence 

Find out the applicable skills you already have 

Most of the skills that are desirable in the Defence and Security sectors are broadly similar across the board of STEM sectors but be sure to emphasise your problem solving, leadership and organisation skills – with relevant scenarios where you used them. 

Explain your reason for transferring 

Whether it’s simply to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the Defence sector, or you want to challenge yourself, let employers know.

Do your research

Transferable skills and motivation won’t account for much if you don’t know how your prospective company operates. 

Company culture can be one of the most important factors for industry leaders in the Defence sector. Reading up on a company’s initiatives and networking with important individuals on LinkedIn can give you an edge when it comes to the hiring process.

Marine People are affiliated with STEM Returners who provide opportunities for STEM workers to return/transfer to different sectors. You can find opportunities to transfer into Defence here.