Loft Draughtsman

Purpose of Role

Primary responsibility relates to CAD interpretation/development/lofting/nesting of steel plate parts mainly for shipbuilding and ship repair projects. Ensuring all provided steel parts are sourced/cut/supplied devoid of defects, while ensuring compliance with the company and client project-related standards.  Other related responsibilities include material estimating, material listing, CAD design of parts and occasionally structures. CAD sketching and drawings produced for project-related tasks, including Ship docking/Yard layouts/related CAD drawings as required.


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)

The Company is committed to achieving a high standard of HSEQ in all of its activities and the post holder will be expected to contribute to maintaining standards to ensure compliance with all appropriate legislation operating at all times within the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.


All employees have Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality responsibilities to themselves: to those they manage, to their colleagues, to customers and to everyone affected by the Company’s business activities.


  • The Project Manager is fully responsible for familiarising themselves with the site HSEQ documentation, systems and procedures relevant to their area(s) of responsibility and for ensuring that they are understood and applied to everyone within their respective area/s of responsibility.
  • Shall ensure that only safe working practices are applied by persons within their area(s) of responsibility, with care for the environment and due consideration for quality requirements.
  • Shall ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all persons who come within their area(s) of responsibility receive adequate information, instruction or supervision necessary for them to prevent or avoid risks to their health and safety.
  • Shall ensure that a high standard of housekeeping is maintained at all times throughout their area(s) of control.
  • Shall ensure that work equipment, premises and protective clothing and equipment provided within their area(s) of control are used as required and maintained in an efficient state and in good working order and repair.
  • Shall ensure that HSEQ problems which cannot be resolved immediately are raised quickly with their Line Manager.


Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Using AutoCAD 2D competently and regularly for creation/interpretation and production purposes.
  • Using 3D model viewers occasionally for investigation or interpretation of complex structural designs.
  • Producing project steel material/plate/section quantity estimates in MS Word (Material Take Off, MTO) for estimating new projects, on an infrequent basis to aid the estimating department. Also, to rework and update such MTO’s as necessary due to project changes and developments.
  • Understanding project specifications/designs and generating a Loft office scope of work for required project plate parts.
  • Agreeing on a steel scope of work schedule and creating methods of accountability for Loft office work scope recording, e.g. XL spreadsheets and CAD matrix of steel parts. With CAD records of developed parts saved in an approved format.
  • To use the current ESAB Columbus CNC nesting program to frequently produce production cutting nests of project parts, by plate thickness, for subsequent output to CNC cutting machine.
  • To ensure that loft work/nesting is authorised/checked before the commencement of production output is undertaken and recorded appropriately.
  • To ensure that correct steel material is utilised efficiently, and that plate material waste is minimised.
  • For stock control and audit purposes, a full recording of all steel plate details and remnant details also using XL spreadsheets and CAD format will be required.
  • To identify and raise any concerns regarding client-supplied specifications/drawings/part designs/nesting files or other project-related documentation or design details supplied to the companies for production use.
  • To ensure company/project systems and databases are updated regularly.
  • Reporting progress on project targets, identifying and reporting problems. Contribute to the Weekly Report
  • Highlighting potential problems and problem areas including corrective actions.
  • Provide input to and support the Overall Project Plan.
  • Liaise with/advise if required Project Managers/Engineers, other Project Team members and Section Leaders as necessary to problem solve and to fulfil the responsibilities of the position. Coordinate and communicate with all other disciplines within the shipyard and Client personnel (if required).
  • Production and issue CAD drawings and supporting information as required to support company needs.
  • Production of AutoCAD DXF parts in a suitable format with appropriate details for use with the internal CNC machine or for external subcontractors.
  • Production of suitable AutoCAD DXF parts can include processing/modifying clients supplied part files or creation of new files by interpretation of client PDF structural drawings.
  • Production of Drawings in AutoCAD for client-related projects generally for internal use. These can include Ship site docking arrangements, Yard/shed and site layouts including new project build area layouts and office/workshop arrangements, steel jigs and other steel structures for internal use.
  • Production of AutoCAD sketches to aid production departments and complement client project drawings. These can include bar cutting sheets, weld prep details, marking out drawings and other project-specific dimensional layouts.
  • Supporting production/build with an interrogation of client drawings, interpretation of client designs for build and any potential problems and proposing amendments required to allow/ease build for production.
  • General understanding of steel weld requirements and general steelwork fabrication principles within shipbuilding specifically, including complex Naval standards and requirements.
  • General understanding of ship design, to enable correct interpretation of steel units/structures and component parts and their unique requirements.
  • General understanding of engineering drawings, their creation, drawing standards and interpretation for build and assembly.
  • General understanding of engineering design for shipbuilding, the existence of classification society rules where applicable to Loft office projects and materials.
  • General understanding of steelwork build theories, steel weights and construction processes.
  • Occasional site survey for dimension/layout recording, with appropriate PPE required.


Additional Role duties included as periodically required:

  • Frequent troubleshooting and actual repair of both CNC machines.
  • Cover stock control role when personnel are not available.
  • Organising and signing off delivery and dispatch notes
  • Identify plate and section deliveries and allocate the company’s unique ID.
  • Control of A bay/cut and prep when required.
  • Responsible for allocating jobs.
  • Organizing time sheets and job numbers.



  • Working closely with Project Managers, Project Engineers, quality control and Section leaders.
  • Supporting other manufacturing personnel through engineering queries and supplying guidance.
  • Loft draughtsmen will have no workers reporting/working for them.


Role Competencies:

  • AutoCAD 2D competent.
  • MS Office competent, frequent use of XL and Word.
  • Experience in ship engineering design/shipbuilding essential.
  • General engineering competencies are required, such as standards and good practice awareness.
  • Computer competent, folders, Outlook and general computer/office use all day.
  • 3D model concepts and workings are very useful, but only the occasional use of 3D viewers to interrogate client models.


Qualification and Experience

  • HNC / Degree in marine-related discipline is desirable.
  • CAD drawing background is required.
  • Familiarity with ship structures/shipbuilding is necessary.
  • Trade skilled person/Loftsman/Draughtsman/shipwright/plater is desirable.
  • Nesting process Software experience is desirable.
  • Understanding CNC burning/cutting machine operation is desirable.
  • Ability to understand engineering drawings and plans is required.
  • Attention to detail is essential.
  • Analytical, observant and must be good at problem-solving.


Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Hebburn (UK)

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