Welder Fabricator – Boat Builder

Job Purpose:

To be responsible for welding and fabrication of aluminium vessels. As well as aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel components using MIG and/or TIG processes.

Primary Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assemble, fabricate and weld aluminium vessels in various positions (vertical, horizontal or overhead)
  • MIG and TIG weld steel, aluminium and stainless steel components based on the specifications of drawings in various positions
  • Read and interpret drawings to execute jobs and tasks to specification
  • Determine the appropriate welding equipment or method based on requirements
  • Set up components for welding per drawing specifications
  • Competently operate angle grinders to prepare the parts that must be welded
  • Competently operate horizontal bandsaws and circular saws for metal cutting.
  • Competent use of callipers, rulers and lasers to drawing tolerances
  • Complete repairs to maritime standards
  • Visual test and inspect welded surfaces and structures to discover flaws
  • Peer check others welding work to maintain quality
  • Complete daily machine/tools checks
  • Maintain equipment in a condition that does not compromise safety
  • Monitor work environment for hazards and maintain healthy ventilation levels using LEVs to avoid particle or gas inhalation
  • Competent use of windows computers
  • Familiar with risk assessment and standard operating procedure
  • Familiar with COSHH rules
  • Familiar with Break press processes
  • Familiar with mill and lathe processes

General accountabilities and responsibilities:

  • To use personal judgement and initiative to develop effective and constructive solutions to challenges and obstacles in day to day activities and procedures within the specified role.
  • To maintain personal ability in, and appropriate use of, all relevant IT (Information and Technology) and other systems required to adequately perform the role.
  • To act ethically, with integrity and in the best interest of the business at all times
  • To maintain a professional and supportive relationship with team members and other departments to deliver business objectives or deadlines.
  • To carry out any other duties as detailed by a member of the management team or authorised representative.
  • To keep good time management to minimise any wasted time and maximise productivity and effectiveness.


Health & Safety responsibilities:

  • To ensure that the working area is a clean and safe environment in compliance with the best practice and health and safety policies.
  • To ensure any equipment used is safe, within electrical test date and all guards and interlocks are working and in place.
  • To act safely and responsibly in line with company processes and Health and Safety procedures to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
  • To report any potential Health and safety hazards or violations to your supervisor/ line manager or directly to the QHSE manager.
  • To ensure any PPE or work wear required or provided for the job is worn and checked regularly for wear, and then reported when replacements required.




Job Categories: Engineering
Job Types: Full Time
Job Locations: Portchester (UK)

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