Communication Systems Engineer

Job Purpose:

Responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, optimisation and enhancement of communication systems and networks by translating internal and external requirements and objectives into solutions. Conducts architecture design, feasibility and modelling including link budgets, coverage and interference analysis. Responsible for performing the integration and/or test of communication systems to meet program technical, schedule and cost objectives. Responsible for the compatibility of communication and networking interfaces and first article product integration, ensuring seamless interface between the design and production of communication systems.

Primary Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Capturing and managing internal and external customer requirements related to communication systems
  • Developing, promulgating and assuring compliance against standard communication system architectures that meet internal and external requirements and use cases including, but not limited to, point-to-point LOS, MANET (including ELOS), WAN (e.g. LTE) and OTH (principally satellite)
  • Planning, coordinating and/or carrying-out integration, commissioning, verification, validation and qualification activities related to communication systems (including networking)
  • Identifying, collating and reporting programme and technical risks to the relevant stakeholders
  • Acting as named communications SME across all products and projects
  • Training Technical Support and commissioning teams to implement and support (including fault finding and analysis) both LOS, OTH and WAN communication systems
  • Interacting with the wider engineering teams both in the UK and worldwide, to develop optimal solutions to meet both engineering requirements and business needs.
  • Technology watch monitoring suppliers for new technology, obsolescence etc.
  • To ensure compliance to relevant standards, legislation and other mandatory obligations.
  • Lead/assist in commissioning of new vessels, products and other integrations of communications systems.
  • To develop a relationship with Ofcom and other global regulatory bodies to both support internal use of communications systems (spectrum access) and customer applications around the world (helping them to be able to operate commercially, not just under existing development and trial license arrangements)
  • Providing technical support to Sales and Business Development activities including solution development, risk identification and task estimation.
  • Working in accordance with departmental policies, processes, procedures using provided templates where appropriate.
  • Promoting a Systems Engineering approach across the business including, but not limited to, requirement driven design, effective configuration management and both security and safety by default and by design

General accountabilities and responsibilities:

  • To use personal judgement and initiative to develop effective and constructive solutions to challenges and obstacles in day to day activities and procedures within the specified role.
  • To maintain personal ability in, and appropriate use of, all relevant IT (Information and Technology) and other systems required to adequately perform the role.
  • To act ethically, with integrity and in the best interest of the business at all times
  • To maintain a professional and supportive relationship with team members and other departments to deliver business objectives or deadlines.
  • To carry out any other duties as detailed by a member of the management team or authorised representative.
  • To keep good time management to minimise any wasted time and maximise productivity and effectiveness.

Health & Safety responsibilities:

  • To ensure that the working area is a clean and safe environment in compliance with the best practice and health and safety policies.
  • To ensure any equipment used is safe, within electrical test date and all guards and interlocks are working and in place.
  • To act safely and responsibly in line with company processes and Health and Safety procedures to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
  • To report any potential Health and safety hazards or violations to your supervisor/ line manager or directly to the QHSE manager.
  • To ensure any PPE or work wear required or provided for the job is worn and checked regularly for wear, and then reported when replacements required.
Job Categories: Engineering
Job Types: Full Time
Job Locations: Portchester (Hampshire)

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