The IMarEST is an international professional body and learned society for marine professionals with over 20,000 members across 128 countries.

The IMarEST has supported the maritime sector for over 125 years and is a globally respected marine authority and charity. The provision of neutral, independent, objective and professionally sound advice makes the IMarEST a valued contributor at a number of intergovernmental organizations including IMO. Working in partnership with Marine People the IMarEST helps organisations to upskill and develop their employees by offering continuing professional development opportunities, professional qualifications, education and training. Supporting lifelong learning for their employees helps organisations to improve performance, strengthen their reputation and attract, develop and retain the best in the industry.

Long term support initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Identification of the capabilities and capacities needed to sustain and develop a business going forwards
  • Identification of the capabilities of an existing workforce
  • A  range of educational and training products including bespoke marine specific distance learning training modules
  • Individual membership and professional qualifications for staff to support continuing professional development
  • Delivering technical events, workshops, lectures and roundtable discussions
  • Providing independent and universally recognised accreditation of company training programmes, events or career frameworks