Boris Johnson’s pledge to bring shipbuilding back to the UK

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced his pledge to bring shipbuilding back to the UK in a bid to strengthen the Royal Navy. The new PM spoke of his aim to create ‘thousands’ of shipping industry jobs over the next decade at London International Shipping week whilst on the Thames. The speech given by […]

New engineering society calls for measures to combat STEM shortage in the UK

A new group comprised of 39 British engineering organisations, the National Engineering Policy Centre has announced its first manifesto – calling on the UK Government to deliver on a number of issues related to STEM industries and the economy. The group – formed in January 2019 – represents 450,000 engineers and has called on policymakers […]

UK Government hands big boost to next generation of maritime workers

The Department for Transport has announced this week new plans to inspire thousands of children across the UK into taking up a career in the maritime industry.  The bold plans include lessons being rolled out across the country to raise awareness of the maritime sector and the importance of shipping. The programme provides government funding […]