At Marine People, we’re always striving to show what separates us from the rest, that’s why we’ve decided to redefine our look with a new website and a new brand identity! 

The new website focuses on keeping things simple and slick, without any gimmicks.

We’ve also introduced a new job listing page with all of our current available roles across the globe. However we’ve decided to keep our application via email, in order to keep things a little bit more personal for our candidates.

At the centre of the new look are our core values:

  • Clear communication to both clients and candidates
  • Being Innovative
  • Thinking Global
  • An Honest approach
  • Keeping things Personable

We believe that these core values represent the very best of Marine People and that our new look suits the needs of our dynamic candidates and industry leading clients.

Our new content will match up with the style of our website across the board on all of our social media outlets, so be sure to keep on an eye on our latest posts!